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Once again we have teamed up with Verge Sports for supply of our club branded gear.  Verge offers top quality sports apparel and we have the benefit of local support from John Dempsey. 

Verge not only supply Cycling and Triathlon ranges, but their range also includes Cyclocross, Track, Running, Nordic, Casual, Dirt, and Base Layer.  


All orders are taken via the Verge Online Team Store.  Payments are made directly to Verge.  Your order will be delivered to your door as with any online purchase or if you prefer you can organise collection.  Approximate lead time is 6 weeks.  The benefit of using the using the Teamstore is that you can make purchases whenever you like, across the full range of Verge Products, all in Clonmel Triathlon Club colours. 


Most of the core Verge products are available in the CTC Teamstore in our branding.  Should you require any other Verge product not listed in our teamstore just get in touch with John or the club and we can get it on there. 


However it is important to note that CTC branded gear cannot be returned/exchanged so it is vital that you know your size.  If you are in any doubt you should get in touch with John or the club to organise a fitting.  


The Verge Team Store is located at 


The password for Clonmel Tri Club Team Store is clonmeltri


To check out the design in detail see the below links.



Cycling Gear


Verge Club Gear

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